Our Alumnae Stories

Latifa Noor

Latifa Noor first interacted with Pwani Teknowgalz while she was still and Hassan Joho Secondary School during Mombasa Girls in STEM project in 2016. After completing high school Latifa was inspired to pursue technology this was catalysed by her involvement to Mombasa Girls in STEM project in Hassan Joho secondary school. Latifa started with computer essentials later she ventured to learn website development and also learnt python programming through the mentorship and support at Pwani Teknowgalz. Latifa has continuously used skills gained at Pwani Teknowgalz to support her career and Passion. In 2018 she helped her team at Pyscbeing working on mental health by developing a mobile application for the mental health project they were working on. Latifa Noor continuous to share her technology skills through mentoring girls through programs run by Pwani Teknowgalz such as Mombasa Girls In STEM 2018, Africa Code Week 2017 and 2018. Latifa is also using her skills to train kids at Techkidz Africa of software development.

Laura Lesley

Laura is a former student from St Charles Lwanga where she first interacted with Pwani Teknowgalz during Mombasa Girls In STEM.During the program her team developed a mobile application that assists parents buy and sell second hand books at affordable price to in improve the quality of education to low socioeconomic background, after the program Laura joined Pwani Teknowgalz to start learning computers Essentials then later proceed to website development. She currently a website Developer and pursuing a diploma in technology. She shares her passion for Technology through mentoring high schools in some of Pwani Teknowgalz programs such as Africa code week, Mombasa Girls In STEM. She also train kids on software development at Techkidz Africa.

Lorah Mwandoe

What inspired me to venture in to technology is the need to know how to build beauty blogs and to earn a living on making websites for people. I started off as a computer essential student at Pwani Teknowgalz as it serve as a great platform to learn office formalities in terms of technology. The experience was unique and empowering as it has not only given me the opportunity to engage with female tech mentors but also acquire skills on mentoring my fellow ladies in technology. My advise to young girls out there is that everything is easy and possible when you give it a try,and everyone has the ability to do anything positive in this world``
Lorah Mwandoe is a beneficiary of Pwani Teknowgalz computer essential classes and is currently among the first cohort of CodeHack program learning website and mobile development

Zalia Shehe

Zalia is a former students at Likoni Mixed high school. She first interacted with Pwani Teknowgalz through Technovation projects in her school. During the program she was the best student awarded for being bold to finish creating and presenting a mobile application that her team was working on. After completing high school she joined Pwani Teknowgalz computer Essential classes and later proceeded with Website development. She is currently a website Developer and sharing her technology skills to girls through mentorships and programs at Pwani Teknowgalz such as Technovation, Mombasa Girls in STEM and Africa Code Week

Shufaa Yakut

Shufaa Yakut is a writer and social media expert, she runs her own blog Shufaayakut.com , she has always asked her friends who are web developers assist her edit content and make changes on her webdite. Shufaa says sometimes they are busy to support. She developed an interest to learn how design websites, when she got an opportunity to learn website development with Pwani teknowgalz for free she was very excited. After completing the three months training she had aquired skills to redesign her own website and make changes easily on her current website. Shufaa and her fellow classmate Sophia redesigned Swahilipot Hub website. Shufaa is currently a freelance website developer. She aims at using her skills to assist artist have website for their brand.

Mariam Zahur

Through one of our Programs #StemCafe_KE in partnership with American Spaces, Mariam Zahur gained skills on data collection and visualization techniques using #odk and Ona data. With the skills gained, she managed to secure a job as a data entry supervisor with GDI (Global Development Incubator) in Mombasa, Mariam is looking forward to joini Pwani Teknowgalz website development classes this year as her dream is to become a professional website developer. She would like to use the website development skills to be able to economically empower herself and contribute to the digital economy.