Our Programs

We engage girls , women and teachers in the following STEM Programs


Technovation a global program that invites teams of girls from all over the world to learn and apply the skills needed to solve real-world problems through technology.Pwani Teknowgalz engages high school girls in Mombasa to create solutions aligned with the global SDGs .Since 2016 Pwani Teknowgalz has engaged 11 high schools with over 250 girls developing Mobile Applications that target the health,Education,security and Environment sector

Mombasa Girls In STEM

Its an yearly project that aims at equipping approximately 180 high schools girls in Mombasa to positively consider a career in STEM. Mombasa Girls in STEM is a TechWomen 2014 alumnae project. Pwani Teknowgalz partners with Tech Women yearly to implement the project to high schools in Mombasa. The Program has trained over 360 high school girls from 23 high school in Mombasa to venture to STEM career.

Django Girls Mombasa

A two day computer programming workshop that aims at introducing ladies to python,html and CSS programming. In 2017 we introduced over 100 university ladies from Kisumu, Mombasa,Eldoret, Meru and Taita Taveta in Kenya to python programming language. Pwani Teknowgalz realised that ladies had the passion to learn coding .Half of the participants travelled from different regions to come and attend the two day workshop.

Africa Code Week

A program that aims at introducing kids and youth to coding in Africa during October. Pwani Teknowgalz participates in the program through Coordinating teachers training in Kenya. The training aims at preparing teachers to learn how to code using Scratch a tool that is used to introduce kids and youth to coding during October yearly. Pwani Teknowgalz has trained approximately 150 teachers in Western,Central and Mombasa Kenya.
Web Development Classes
For Sustainability our non-profit organization Pwani Teknowgalz train girls on website development and equip them with digital skills at an affordable fee, the duration for the web development classes is 3 months while the digital literacy class is 1 and half month ,certificates are offered on both courses on completion. We have trained over 50 students in the classes.

Holiday Coding Camps

Holiday coding camps -A new holiday program that trains girls from the age of 8 to 15 years old on design thinking,scratch,MIT app inventor and basic digital skills,the program is conducted during school holiday period at Swahilipot hub ,the aim of the coding camp is to build a Unique Interest while providing tools to create and use critical thinking skills to create solutions.which will in turn enhance their problem solving skills.

Women Digital Skills

Pwani Teknowgalz aims at assisting helping women leverage on their smartphones and internet usage to improve their business and increase their market reach plus sales through digital skills training and how to use their phones as well to access public resources. All the public resources are being accessed online in Kenya and women are unable to access their public resources. We aim to equip them with right skills to assist them access the resources easily

Jaffery Academy

Pwani Teknowgalz has partnered with SwahiliPot Hub to train teachers at Jaffery Academy and Jaffery nursery and Primary school in Kizingo and Kibokoni respectively. We train the teachers on Computer essentials, Google Classroom, Scratch, Online collaboration which is key to assist them in their day to day teaching activities

Women in STEM Conference

Pwani Teknowgalz aims at providing girls and women in STEM an opportunity to learn from experienced women already in STEM career plus an opportunity to meet women mentors who are always ready to mentor and walk with them in their STEM career journey. We believe that mentors play a big role in one's career and personal growth and inspires the team to organise the Conference yearly for girls and women in the Coastal region to benefit.