The digital age has created previously unheard-of opportunities for the empowerment of women and girls, ranging from online study and digital activism to the rapid rise of high-paying tech employment.Women and girls remain underrepresented across the creation, use and regulation of technology.Umi Ramadhan Karisa a high school student at Bahari Girls secondary school had always been interested  in studying technology after high school, but due to financial difficulties, she almost gave up on ever realizing her dream of becoming a technology expert because she was not given the chance to study computer science.

“As I had already given up on studying technology, a friend of mine suggested that I enroll for the Pwani Teknowgalz program called CodeHack, which provided young ladies like myself with marketable coding Skills,however my main concern was that I had no knowledge of how to use a computer, much less code. I nevertheless tried my luck and applied for the January 2023 opening”.

Umi informed the team during the interview that she lacked computer abilities but was very interested in joining CodeHack. She was supported by Pwani Teknowgalz trainers who helped both her and other females who weren’t computer literate enough to participate in Codehack  through the basics of computer literacy.”I was very shocked to find 4 other ladies who joined me to study basic computer literacy when I was told that I will be supported  by Pwani Teknowgalz to acquire computer skills for free. Finding out I wasn’t alone was humbling”.


Umi was able to master fundamental computer skills, software programs and cloud computing during her two months at the facility. She is now sufficiently confident to enroll in the following cohort to learn how to create her own website and make a living from it.

“I have had a wonderful two-month experience acquiring computer skills at Pwani Teknowgalz, I can now use a computer with confidence and the online collaboration tool to streamline my work.I even got an opportunity to learn graphic design and managed to create my own logo I am now looking forward to join the next  Codehack cohort to fulfill my dream of becoming a website developer I also got a chance  interacted with mentors and attended technology workshops that were eye opening.In the sector of technology. “My advice to fellow girls out there  is to never  give up, there are many great opportunities and excellent mentors that are ready to assist you and accompany you on your entire journey”.

Umi’s story is a representation of many other young girls  in the coastal region of kenya who have not yet had the chance to realize their full potential in pursuing a career in technology due to financial limitations. Providing them with the right mentorship ,tools and resources will help them discover their full potential in learning computational thinking which is the core concepts behind developing code and algorithms. By broadening the understanding of technology, we can also help increase the numbers of women working in the technology field. Support us in equipping girls like Umi with employable coding skills by donating to our online campaign.