Zalia Shehe is a former student at Likoni Mixed high school in Mombasa.She first interacted with Pwani Teknowgalz through Technovation program in her school. During the program, she was the best student awarded for being bold to finish creating and presenting a mobile application that her team was working on.She and her team members created a mobile application:Easy Disposal that helps in solving problem of waste management by identifying areas that can dispose off waste safely.She was awarded as the best Technovation student in Mombasa after her exemplary presentation during the regional pitch. After completing high school studies,Zalia joined Pwani Teknowgalz computer essential classes and later proceeded with Website development where she learnt how to create professional websites and personal blogs for clients.She is currently a website developer and trains girls at Pwani Teknowgalz.In 2018 Zalia applied as a mentor in the Mombasa Girls in STEM ,a project she considers to be life changing as it gave her the opportunity to share her technology skills as well as her experience with fellow girls at high school level to motivate them to pursue careers in STEM field.The same year Zalia applied to be a technovation coach in her former school to mentor girls in Mombasa.Currently Zalia trains at Techkidz Africa ,a technology academy that trains young kids from the Age of 7 years.

“Partcipating in Technovation has been a life changing experience as it enabled me discover my passion and potential in the STEM filed. When the program was over, my coaches and mentors from Pwani Teknowgalz came back to our school and shared with us the opportunities in STEM field.This really inspired me to pursue .What I found in Pwani Teknowgalz was not just a technology space but sisters and friends to connect to.I was not always confident in expressing my ideas but through their mentorship and guidance I am now able to confidently say “I am a girls in STEM”.Zalia Shehe.

Zalia is one of the 2018 beneficiaries of the Support Girls learn web development campaign initiated by Pwaniteknowgalz to equip young girls who are from low socio economic background in the coastal region with employable coding skills.