Just before the Covid-19 pandemic, through Codehack initiative we had enrolled twenty-one girls from marginalized communities in Mombasa passionate about learning technology for a  free three months training supported by our partners Swahilipot Hub. We had just started then we had to stop the physical classes. Currently, 97% of young girls have no access to laptops or computers to continue learning.  Shermim is an ambitious young lady with a deep passion for technology with a focus on coding. Learn how smart she is able to continue learning using her smartphone.

Ongoing Website development class before Covid-19 pandemic at Swahilipot Hub

During this period of Covid-19, lack of a computer or a laptop has not stopped Shermim Matunda a student in our CodeHack Program to continue to learn coding on her own using her smartPhone. Shermim informed us she is using her phone to continue learning more about web designing. Her curiosity and passion to acquire skills on web development led her to download the w3schools app from Google play store. The app allows her to access learning the information without internet connection.

Shermim discovered other several programming languages she could learn. She mentions that the app contains detailed information thus easy for one to understand. She also recommends Udemy for learning because it has videos and one is able to learn online for free when able to access internet connectivity.

During this period of Covid-19, her passion for coding has continued to grow. She has learned how to also create amazing forms just using basic HTML and CSS. I also got to learn other programming languages.

Shermim has a message for girls and younger during this Covid-19 period below. “Use what you have, if you have books read them and if you have access to the internet don’t stop researching. Keep working effortlessly don’t let your passion die. Keep loving technology with the little resources that you have.”

If you would like to donate a laptop or a computer to support girls like Shermim continue to learn coding during this Covid-19 period email us info@pwaniteknowgalz.org