n Kenya, like in many other countries, the rate of young women pursuing software engineering courses has traditionally been lower than that of men. According to research on “Bridging the Gender Divide in Digital Technology Courses and Careers in Kenya” by the Brookings Institution (2022):  This research paper delves into the root causes behind the underrepresentation of women in Kenya’s digital technology sector, including software engineering. This can be attributed to various factors such as societal expectations, cultural barriers, lack of role models, and stereotypes that associate tech careers.

After high school, choosing a university course was a maze for Lina. The recommendation to pursue a software engineering course came from her elder brother, relying on his extensive job market experience. Little did she know that this decision would open unforeseen doors for her 

 Lina discovered the transformative potential of the CodeHack classes from Pwaniteknowgalz. Here, she learnt website development and digital marketing skills sparking a deep interest in the world of software engineering and programming. This marked the beginning of Lina’s journey as a woman in tech. Skills acquired her played a critical role in her selecting software engineering course in Kisii University as a government student.

P\wani Teknowgalz played a crucial role in shaping my  journey in technology,the unwavering support and mentorship I got from there sparked my passion in advancing my tech career”,

Lina’s participation in the Codehack Flutter program showcases her continued commitment to learning and expanding her skills in the tech industry. Flutter SDK is a popular framework for creating cross-platform mobile applications, and Lina’s proficiency in using it demonstrates her versatility as a developer.Lina has developed her own application called LindaMtoto and is available on the Pwani Teknowgalz Play Store        

Lina has recently been awarded as an active community member of the Google Developers group.  She also is also a Women Techmakers Ambassador kisii and the lead of the Flutteristas Mombasa chapter.


She later joined Pwani Teknowgalz as an intern supporting other girls learn website development. Through the Ajira #ForShe program in partnership with Emobilis, Lina managed to secure online jobs in graphic design and digital marketing. Lina  officially graduated from Kisii University with a degree in Software Engineering in 2023 

As is often the case for many young girls, her software engineering class in Kisii University had few female students compared to their male counterparts. Initially intimidating, this became a challenge she embraced to sharpen her skills. Lina seized every opportunity, participating in tech workshops, hackathons, and seminars within and outside the university, bridging the gap between theory and the job market.

Lina’s journey showcases the potential and success stories of young women in Kenya who are breaking barriers and exploring various roles within the tech field. Advocacy for equal opportunities and the promotion of STEM subjects in schools also play an important role in encouraging young women to pursue software engineering courses. While progress may still be gradual, the landscape is evolving, and more women are entering the tech field in Kenya.

Supporting young women like Lina in pursuing their passions in technology is crucial for creating a more inclusive and diverse industry. By donating to the Codehack fundraising platform  you are helping to provide opportunities and resources for aspiring female technologists.



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