We had a session physical meetup for the coders in Nairobi but Kenya faced an increase in covid-19 positive cases and deaths consequently the three day meetup was cancelled. After the virtual sessions and meetups for the different regions, coders embarked on working on their own personal projects. This process will take months and will provide the coders the opportunity to apply what they learned but also interact with their facilitators. This will culminate with a presentation of their projects in September. The coders were grouped based on different interests i.e frontend development, full stack development, data science and cyber security.

This started with the ideation process. The ideas are in line with four thematic areas; health, security, democracy and economy. Coders at this stage came up with ideas and were supported by fellow coders and facilitators to think through the ideas. This was done virtually via Zoom. The weekly sessions allowed the coders to think out loud and ended with them filling out a form with their ideas well thought out with clarity on what to focus on for the following months.