Systemic biases and cultural barriers play a significant role in hindering the progress of women in the tech industry. One major challenge is the lack of representation and diversity in tech companies. Women are underrepresented at all levels, from entry-level positions to executive roles. This lack of representation perpetuates a vicious cycle, as women often struggle to find role models and mentors who understand their unique experiences and can guide them through their careers. Despite these formidable challenges, women in technology continue to defy expectations and push and Viola is one of them.

Since childhood, the inner workings of computers and phones have always fascinated me. The allure of technology drove me to dive deep into research, fueling my passion for understanding the digital world. It wasn’t until after high school that I discovered the field of Computer Science, and my experience with Pwaniteknogalz’s Codehack program solidified my decision to pursue a career in tech

Intrigued by Pwani Tekowgalz’s mission, viola applied and was thrilled to be selected to join the program. Through the program, she developed an application called ‘SokoLetu’ and was honored to be recognized as one of the winners.

One of the most fulfilling experiences her tech journey was leading the ‘JengaJericho’ program, where she taught basic computer science concepts to young pupils in public primary schools using engaging games and puzzles. 

However, navigating the tech industry as a woman has not been without its challenges. Microaggressions and prejudices from male counterparts have been constant hurdle for her . Even in academic settings her work was sometimes undervalued simply because of her gender. 

“As a woman in tech, I’ve learned that the standards are often higher, and there’s little room for mediocrity:

Despite these obstacles, she found solace and support in communities for and led by women in tech and STEM. Connecting with like-minded individuals and having women mentors who understood the struggles firsthand proved to be invaluable. Their encouragement and guidance reaffirmed her.

Recently, Viola embarked on a new chapter as a software engineer intern at Qhala.With the skills she gained during her tenure at Pwani Teknowgalz, she has now the confidence to utilize the knowledge to advance her career in Tech.

“The experience has been nothing short of amazing, as I immerse myself in developing software and exploring UI/UX design. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities for growth, reaffirming my passion for technology and my determination to shatter stereotypes”

Her advise  to the girls out there is dont be scared to dream big  The best way to learn is through experience! So try every hackathon that looks of interest to you, learning from your peers is also really good.