We are glad to have our director Ms. Ruth Kaveke featured by Care Organisation on there Blog highlighting Women are Helping Shape Kenya’s Tech IndustryW Outside of Nairobi, support and resources for tech innovation are less accessible, but several Kenyan women are leading the charge in bringing digital skills to their communities.

Our impartful work of equiping girls and young women in Mombasa from marginalised community with employable coding skills gets featured by TechWeez a local technology blog in Kenya. Our Director Ms. Ruth Kaveke Shares more about our work.

Sometime in June 2016, six young female university students visited Hassan Joho Girls Secondary School in Utange, Mombasa County, to give a talk.Latifa Noor, who was then counting days to her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams, says the visit changed her life

Pwani Teknogalz, a community based organisation inspires girls in secondary schools and universities within Mombasa County through technology and STEM programmes Contrary to the traditional belief that technical courses are meant for men, women are slowly getting attracted to the scientific field.

At a young age, I was always fascinated by how technology was changing our world. This fascination coupled with my desire to create something that will solve many of the problems that our community faces, pushed me to get into STEM. There are a lot of opportunities in STEM, especially for females. As Caitlin Garrett, Senior Marketing Data Analyst at Yodle rightly said, “it’s a really cool time to be in STEM.

Huku Sekta ya teknologia ikiendelea kustawi barani Afrika na maendeleo yake yakizidi kupanuka, idadi ya wanawake kwenye taaluma hiyo ingali inatajwa kuwa ndogo ikilinganishwa na wanaume. Mjini Mombasa kuna mradi wa teknolojia ulioanzishwa na kundi la wasichana kupitia shirika lao linalojulikana kama “Pwani Techknowgalz” kuwahamasisha watoto wa kike kuhusiana na maswala ya teknolojia.


Ruth Kaveke is the co-founder and executive director at Pwani Teknowgalz, a non profit organisation in Mombasa Kenya whose aim is to bridge the gender gap in STEM careers in underrepresented areas. Ruth is also actively involved in STEM projects in Mombasa.She is vehement about search engine optimization tools and techniques

I have been passionate about computers since high school. In the university, I was shocked by the low percentages of ladies in technology. This challenged me to remain in technology to inspire more ladies to join STEM. Also, there is a low representation of women in STEM globally plus I have always wanted to be a role model to young girls to show them that ladies can as well be in STEM and do well in the field.