Pwani Teknowgalz Executive Director Ruth Kaveke has been able to successfully publish her first book titled  “She is a Techie” with Lambert Academic Journal, a Germany based publishing company. In her book, Ruth describes her journey in the Technology field. Being a computer enthusiast right from high school, Ruth grew with deep interest in computers. Her passion and love for technology led her to pursue Bachelor’s degree in Information Communication and Technology (ICT) at The Technical University of Mombasa specializing in the software field. Ruth started learning coding on her own with much focus on website development. At the university, Ruth and her two female classmates Joan Nabusoba and Aisha Abdulkadir discovered the big gender gap of women in the Software field in the university. In a class of  approximately 60 students only 6 were female and out of the 6 only 2 were interested in pursuing software. Upon realizing that the same trend in neighbouring university, Ruth and her colleagues Aisha and Joan saw the need to inspire more girls to consider Tech careers.This inspired Ruth to Co-found Pwani Teknowgalz a non profit organization that aims to bridge the gender gap between women in Technology by equipping them with employable Technology skills.

Ruth’s aspirations has always been to mentor and be a role model to young girls pursuing and interested in Technology.As the  director Pwani Teknowgalz , Ruth has managed to impact on approximately 5000 girls and young women in different parts of kenya with STEM skills.

In her book “She is a Techie” Ruth hopes to reach out to more girls not only in kenya but across the globe. Her book highlights her journey and the challenges that she encountered  on the way as well as her experience as the executive Director of Pwani Teknowgalz.

Ruth serves as an inspiration to many girls. She aspires to start a girls technology hub to focus more on women, bridge the gender gap and increase the participation of women in the digital economy.

She is launching the book on 8th February 2020 at Swahilipot Hub. The book can be bought online Click here to get your copy