What are you learning currently through the Dev Career program? 

I am currently taking a front end course. 

What  do you like most about the program

The program is insightful, and cooperation is highly regarded among developers and mentors.

How are the skills acquired in the program aligned with your career goals?

Its alignment is through computer software operation and also an improvement on my coding skills. I can also see myself becoming one of the best developers, if not soon, then one day. 

How will the laptops support you in achieving your career in technology?

The laptops are essential in my studies, especially the website development courses that require frequent practice.

What support are you getting from the Swahilipot Hub team?

Internet connection, a conducive space for studies, an excellent team to work with, and mentors

Any encouraging words for girls who will be reading your story on pursuing coding or technology?

I would like them to keep in mind that THEIR SITUATION IS NOT THEIR DESTINY. Dev career is a fantastic program worth engaging in. Kindly endeavor to get to its root because if I can create a website through my coding skills despite all the difficulties, why can’t they? Nothing good comes easy. Whatever they are doing to get where they want to be concerning dev career courses, they should try as much as they can since hard work pays. We are here to help each other.