Digital Opportunity trust is a youth-led movement of daring social innovators who have the tools, knowledge, and networks to create opportunities and transform their own communities.on of the core values of Dot is Digital inclusivity meaning locally relevant digital technology can accelerate and increase positive social impact.On may we had the opportunity to be part of the Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Youth Unconference that was held in Kigali, Rwanda..The Unconference served as a platform for over 100 young social entrepreneurs and innovators from different countries in the DOT network to come together and learn from each other’s experiences on ways to improve the impact of their social enterprises. It also provided a space for youth to share their journey as social innovators as they impact on their communities.Pwaniteknowgalz team Aisha and Ruth represented Mombasa County as part of DOTkenya youth led initiative at the Unconference in their mission to bridge the digital gender gap of women in Mombasa Kenya.The Unconference, with the theme of “Create Your Opportunity”, included youth-led workshops which focused on barriers to digital opportunities, and what youth can be doing to address those challenges.

What we did at the Unconference

We Presented PwaniTeknowgalz programs to over 100 youth -We had our own booth at the unconference where we presented the projects that the girls have been working on.We also had the opportunity to meet the founder of DOT at our booth as she highlighted the amazing work fellow women are doing in the STEM Field.18622647_1426923077366572_7675724369402769168_n







We led a session on women in ICT and how we can overcome social cultural barriers that hinder women from pursuing ICT.Fellow youths were able to share their views and experiences from their individual countries and the strategies they are putting in place to ensure digital inclusivity is achieved






We co-facilitated a session on Digital Development with Allana Nelson from digital impact alliance. we discussed how young people are adopting the Principles of for Digital Development at an early stage and how they can leverage digital technology to start companies, innovate new technologies, and/or improve their community. The Principles can serve as a guide to can help them achieve broader adoption and sustainability for their work.our core team member Aisha was able to engage the youth in the digital design principles and she highlighted how Pwaniteknowgalz uses the principles to serve Mombasa Community<put images>


We Attended and shared experience with fellow youth who were leading sessions that were geared towards creating a collaborative efforts to build communities and diversify digital inclusion









We were featured on Rwandan Tv where our Deputy director Aisha talked about the need to bridge the gender gap of Women in the Technology.

It was an honour to meet , interact.share ideas and network with youth from 10 countries in Africa and abroad .Youth have the potential to positively impact their communities when given the opportunity.