Since 2015, Pwani Teknowgalz has been on a mission to empower Kenyan young women with technology skills with the aim of providing them with a financially stable future and confidence to participate in the digital space. With over 20,000 passionate  young women applicants, the organization has significantly impacted the lives of 6,800 young girls through different programs such as CodeHack, Coders at American Space, STEM Cafe, Technovation, Community Workshop, Flutter Mobile development sessions, and Mombasa Girls in STEM among other projects. This represents 15% of the applicant pool. Since its inception, Pwani Teknowgalz has achieved significant measurable results in advancing women and marginalized communities in digital  and technology skills in Mombasa, Kenya. Our programs have increased digital literacy, enhanced economic opportunities, and instilled confidence for young women to be part of digital space.

We  engage  local communities, young women in our programs to ensure that our training is tailored to their needs and priorities. We conduct community consultations, focus groups, and interviews to gather input from women and marginalized groups, which informs our program design and deployment. Furthermore, partnerships and collaborations with local community based organizations, youth leaders,  educational institutions, and government agencies to expand our reach and impact. These collaborations enable us to leverage resources and expertise to better serve young women in programs.

The Codehack Program, a testament to our unwavering dedication and profound impact, has been transforming lives since 2021. Over the years, this initiative has empowered 4,000 young girls and women, aged 17-28, from marginalized coastal communities such as Kilifi, Lamu, and Mombasa, out of the 4000 girls 400  young girls have gained access to both online and offline jobs in creating websites, mobile applications, graphic design and digital marketing. Furthermore, others have had the opportunity to work as interns for various established companies such as Qhala and IBM as software engineers.


What’s truly remarkable is the journey these participants have undertaken. From initially having zero knowledge and confidence in using computers, they now confidently navigate the realm of technology. Equipped with enhanced communication and problem-solving skills, they’ve not only embraced technology but have also become creators of change in their communities. One of the most inspiring aspects of the Codehack Program is the tangible outcomes  young women in the program have produced. Through the development of mobile and website applications, these young women have addressed pressing community challenges, aligning their efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their creations stand as testimonials of innovation, providing practical solutions that uplift and empower their communities.

However, this is just the beginning. Pwani Teknowgalz is committed to pushing boundaries and expanding its reach further. With an ambitious goal set for 2026, we  aim to reach a staggering 50% of the girls who apply to our programs. This demonstrates Pwani Teknowgalz unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology education, recognizing its ability to provide young women with opportunities for financial independence and meaningful contribution to the digital economy.

We invite everyone to join us on this empowering journey. Together, we believe we  can make a lasting impact and create a more inclusive and diverse tech industry. By fostering the next generation of female technologists, we are paving the way for a more equitable and innovative society.