ICTs have profound effects on economic development and globalization, there is a dire need of gender perspective in these to make sure that people of different gender, socio-economic classes, races and walks can reap benefits from ICTs equally Furthermore women tend to believe ICTs to be more of an area best suitable for men. Young women are not encouraged to take up science and technology related subjects in schools and they feel this would be an area in which they cannot excel. Percentage of female students in ICT related fields of studies in college and university education in some countries is very minimal , Similarly women are less acquainted with the economic, social and psychological gain of the full range of opportunities afforded by ICTs.

Pwaniteknowgalz has launched web development programs for girls and women in Mombasa.The program aims at increasing the number of women in the software industry by equipping them with the necessary skills to develop products that are sustainable and innovative ,in partnership with design to transform june 2016 we reached out to 40 girls to train them on web design and basic web development tools .,we also organized a web development trainings at Swahilipot Hub on August to expose university students to web programming using Html,css and php programming languages.The trainees learnt how to interact with content management systems to create dynamic websites.

This year pwaniteknowgalz launched web and mobile development classes for both high school students and university students in Mombasa.the program aims at equipping women with software skills both in the web and mobile industry.the program also comes with computing packages such as the world wide web ,Microsoft office,graphic design ,usage and configuration of collaborative tools on the internet ,web design tools and digital marketing,The training are conducted at a technology hub Swahilipot Hub located in Mombasa near Fort Jesus.the program also aims at creating a safe space for women to meet and interact ,share ideas and provide a platform where they can use their creativity to solve community problems through technology.